15 Practical Ideas for Promoting a Small Business Locally
Posted Jul 7, 2017 by Kristen Pinkman, Ecwid Team

“Have you already been to that awesome pizza place on the corner?”

This is how a small local brand name quickly becomes a buzzword. Building a strong local presence breaks down to two stages: earning recognition and maintaining reputation. Those who can reach their customers effectively and gain their trust are likely to become local celebs.

With this list of ideas, you can create a plan that helps you get in front of the audience and keeps you flush with traffic to your store.

1. Make your service and delivery perfect

This should be done before any promotion happens. Word-of-mouth is a powerful referral source for your business–and you can drive it with stellar service and delivery to your existing customers.

By wowing shoppers with perfect service and delivery, you’re showing that you’re honored to have them as a customer and that you value each and every one of them. Consider going above and beyond for your audience.

2. Develop recognizable branding

With a recognizable logo and consistent branding, your local business can gain a foothold within the local marketplace and shoppers’ minds. Think of brands you know well. They’re simple, timeless, and easy to recognize–that’s what you’re striving for.

Be sure that you’re reinforcing your company brand in all the right places, such as:

  • Your store’s sign
  • Your website
  • Packaging
  • Invoices
  • Email
  • Handouts/marketing materials
  • Ads
  • Store assets, like windows, rugs, etc.

3. Create a mobile-responsive website

The number of mobile users has already surpassed desktop–and this trend is only growing. With this in mind, it’s more important than ever to have a mobile-responsive website as part of your promotion (and sales) strategy when reaching a local audience.

Ecwid offers a Starter Site that’s a simple, one-page home for your online store that’s completely mobile-friendly. There’s a built in shopping cart for all of these sites.

Ecwid starter site
Example of an Ecwid Starter Site

4. Get a Google Business Listing

Many people search out local businesses through Google, so having a complete business listing here makes it easier for customers to find you.

Example of a Google business listing
Example of a Google business listing

When people search for businesses like yours, you’ll come up both as a search result and within Google Maps. howcase your business hours, phone number, ratings, and get smartphone users quickly routed to your store with directions.

5. Be part of local online directories

Chances are your city has local business directories. Those are places you can get your business listed to get in front of more shoppers.

See what your options are, and then ask around to see which of these your current customers look at to find which would be the most relevant for you. You may find that some are more worthwhile than others.

A local business directory in San Diego
A local business directory in San Diego

You’ll likely want to consider directories like:

Aside from these more common local online directories, you may also see if there is a local newspaper or magazine that does special industry directories during the year, too.

6. Get listed on Yelp

Getting your local business listed on Yelp means potential customers can find you more easily through this site’s directory.

You can add your address, contact details, and a short description of your business to attract new shoppers….