50 YouTube Ideas for Beginners

You don’t have to be a professional videographer to start a YouTube channel for your business. In fact, there are plenty of great YouTube video ideas out there for those who are just getting started. If you’re interested in getting started, take a look at these 50 YouTube ideas for beginners.

YouTube Ideas for Beginners

Intro Video

Every YouTube channel needs a good intro video that gives a preview of the type of content you offer. You can keep it short and simple — just introduce yourself and your business and offer a simple preview of what viewers can expect from your YouTube channel.

Behind the Scenes Views

Viewers also love to see a behind the scenes view of your business. You can share a day in the life or a peek at your daily operations.

Team Introductions

Customers also might want to know more about the people behind your business. Give your team members a chance to introduce themselves or do a quick interview with them so viewers can get to know them better.

Event Wrapups

If your business hosts or participates in any events, you can collect footage from the event and then make a short compilation to share more about your time there.

Weekly Business News

For businesses that want to keep customers updated on the regular happenings of the business, start a weekly news segment where you share updates.

Weekly Industry News

You can also create news videos about more general news items from your industry as a whole.


Vlogs are basically video versions of blog posts. You can film scenes from your daily life or business operations and then share information to accompany that content.


Videos are also great formats for interviews. You can ask questions of industry experts or have followers ask you questions on YouTube so you can share answer in video form.

Funny Product Ads

Instead of making a generic video ad for your products or services, you can make something with a little bit of humor to increase the chances of your video going viral.

Fake Infomercials

More specifically, you could mimic an infomercial format to demonstrate your product in a humorous way.

Product Demonstrations

You could also take a more straightforward route to demonstrate your products in a video, especially if you offer something that’s new or complicated.

Funny Facts About Your Business

Another way to add some humor to your YouTube channel, you can do a simple video where you share some funny or little known facts about your business.

DIY Projects

DIY projects and tutorials are popular on YouTube. If you can think of a way to use your product in a DIY or recipe, film a video to share the instructions.

Tips Videos

Or you could film a video where you share some basic tips on a particular subject to share your expertise and build your brand as a thought leader.

Explainer Videos

Video is also a great format for explaining a concept in a simple way. If there’s a concept or something impacting your industry that people seem to have questions about, film a quick video laying out all the details.

Surprising Opinions

You can also use videos to share your opinion about a particular subject. This can be a particularly effective way to get some online attention if you have an opinion that’s different or surprising.

Challenge Videos

There’s no shortage of challenges floating around YouTube at any given time, from the cinnamon challenge to the mannequin challenge. You can latch onto these and share a bit of fun with your team in a video.

Product Reviews

If it’s applicable…