An Amazon worker filling an Amazon Prime Now order.

Reuters/Edgar Su

It turns out Amazon owns more secret brands than was originally clear.

Though we’ve known for a while that Amazon is creating a slew of private-label brands to complement its offerings from other retailers, the number of brands Amazon has in its own stable is larger than it previously let on.

Quartz counted 19 trademarks for brands that sell products on Amazon’s website but give no immediate indication that the brand is owned by Amazon.

A further 10 brands were identified by Quartz as trademarks without products on, and a further eight brands are sold exclusively by Amazon but have no corresponding trademark.

The brands range from men’s clothing and cleaning products to bed sheets and tools. For example, there’s Arabella, which sells lingerie, and Single Cow Burger, which sells frozen foods.

An Amazon spokesperson confirmed to Quartz that some of the brands…