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The parent company for Applebee’s and IHOP says it may close up to 25 IHOP restaurants by year’s end, adding to its announcement of more than 100 Applebee’s locations that it also plans to close throughout the U.S.

DineEquity Inc. on Thursday announced that it planned to shutter between 105 to 135 Applebee’s restaurants by the end of this fiscal year, while also declaring that 20 to 25 IHOP locations were at risk of being eliminated, according to a statement from the company.

The number of closures for both Applebee’s and IHOP was higher than previous projections. Earlier this year, DineEquity reportedly projected only 40 to 60 Applebee’s locations and only 18 IHOP sites to close.

There are nearly 60 Applebee’s and more than 40 IHOP locations in New Jersey. It is not known at…