Mary Salter via
If you look closely, you can see the ice cream sandwich now contains more foam than ice cream.

Mary Salter via

An Australian grandmother was recently baffled by an ice cream sandwich that refused to melt after being left outside for days in hot weather.

“Hey Coles – can you PLEASE tell me just what is in your Coles ice cream Sandwiches,” Mary Salter wrote on the Australian supermarket chain’s Facebook page.

On Friday, Salter says that her grandson dropped two halves of an ice cream sandwich in her yard.

While Salter assumed that the sandwich would soon be long gone, the treat stubbornly refused to melt for days.

“Ice cream has not melted and there the two pieces sit — now I am a little concerned just WHAT is in this ‘treat,'” Salter wrote. “[C]an you please explain why…