By Chloe Rigby

Asos UK shoppers can now use visual search to pinpoint the item they’re looking for from the retailer’s range of more than 85,000 items.

The retailer, a Leading trader in IRUK Top500 research, has introduced the functionality to its iOS app so that shoppers can easily find products that look similar to one they’ve seen – whether that item was worn by a friend, posted on Instagram, or pictured in a magazine. Visual search will also soon be available on its Android app.

The visual search tool is currently shown as a camera icon that appears in the ASOS app search bar. With a single tape, customers will be able to take a quick photograph of something they see someone wearing – and task the search tool to find similar products. Users can also upload photographs from their camera roll, such as a photograph they took previously or a screenshot from social media, and search for products that look the same.

Asos says the function is the latest step in a tradition that began in 2000 when the company was launched with the goal of making it possible for people to buy products they saw on screens. Other highlights…