By Paul Skeldon

A whopping £370 million was spent on mobile contactless payments in the first six months of 2017, a whopping 336% year on year rise in spending, according to the latest transaction data from payments processor Worldpay.

The use of mobile devices to make in-store payments has been growing steadily since the UK launch of Apple Pay in 2015, but according to Worldpay it is only really in the past 12 months that the technology has begun to gain widespread acceptance beyond ‘early adopters,’ further fuelled by the launch of Android Pay in 2016 and Samsung Pay earlier this year.

The fact that many supermarkets and even petrol stations are now taking Apple Pay payments of more than £30 are also helping fuel the sudden growth, since it makes Apple Pay more convenient than a contactless card.

Monthly spending on mobile devices has risen by 57% in the past six months (£46 million spent using mobiles in January 2017, compared to £74 million in June 2017), while mobile’s share overall in-store transactions has risen from 1.18% at the end of 2016 to…