FACIT DATA SYSTEMS – World class video analytics solutions

Video analytics has been a buzz word in the retail sector for a long time, we’ve probably all heard the term, but what does it really mean for your business and why should you consider implementing a retail video analytics system in your retail estate?

The reasons are obvious really; to drive up store and staff efficiency and to improve the overall customer experience, all of which, when correctly implemented will lead to improved turnover and profitability – sounds easy doesn’t it?

This is where Facit comes in and as you will quickly learn, we do it very differently from just about anyone else in the industry. Whilst we use relatively conventional software tools to collect our data; people counting, heat mapping and queue management, that is where the similarity to other systems ends.

Firstly, we leverage your estate’s existing and costly CCTV systems and turn them into an intelligent data gathering network. We do this by connecting our highly sophisticated, yet easily implemented software to the relevant cameras. Furthermore, we are able to work with both IP and analogue cameras.

At your entrances and exits we are normally able to use your existing perspective view (people facing) cameras, so there is no need to install additional, expensive and unsightly detection devices or additional cameras. Here we implement our clever, bi-directional people counting software, which will accurately count people in and out of your store. It can even be programmed to identify the difference between a single person and a group of people entering your premises. This enables actual buying opportunities to be specifically identified, as well as counting the total number of people…