As Panera Bread’s electronic orders continue to rise, so does its commitment to digital customer engagement.

The fast-casual chain continues to add more digital touchpoints, making it easier for shoppers to engage with its brand. Whether delivering new services via the Web, mobile or in-store kiosks, “we want to drive convenience, speed, and contribute to an exceptional customer journey,” Mark Berinato, VP, digital, Panera Bread said during a session at eTail East on Monday.

Panera’s Rapid Pickup program was the chain’s first foray into digital ordering. The service, which launched in 2014, enables shoppers chainwide to place — and pay for — meal orders online or via their mobile device, and then pick them up at a dedicated display inside their preferred cafe.

Customers can also place orders via in-store kiosks. While some users are attracted to the proposition of a speedier ordering process, 40% of customers prefer the solution “because they can control the pace of their order,” Berinato explained. “Our menus can be complex,…