Finish Line Boosts Return On Ad Spend 9.5x With Facebook Audience Targeting

Finish Line is automating customer prospecting for its full product line, increasing audience reach, and lowering costs-per-sale with Facebook’s new broad audience targeting feature. Using Facebook partner platform StitcherAds, the retailer ran a three-month campaign and generated a 9.5x return on ad spend (ROAS).

Additionally, compared to other static prospecting campaigns, Finish Line saw:

  • 49x more sales;

  • 3x greater reach; and

  • 83% decrease in cost-of-sale.

“We wanted to pull a lot of different levers to create customized ads at the dynamic product level and also create full-funnel strategies,” said Evan Whipkey, Digital Omnichannel Specialist at Finish Line in an interview with Retail TouchPoints. “We know that our retargeting ads were our bread-and-butter and they worked very well, and we tried a few different strategies for prospecting, but nothing stood out at first. When Facebook released its broad audience tool, we realized it was the right option to execute that strategy and expand our reach.”

Data-Driven Automation Boosts Ad Relevance

Prior to working with StitcherAds, Finish Line had difficulty prospecting new consumers on Facebook. The retailer displayed irrelevant…