What’s in store for the festive season in 2017? We know it will break all records for ecommerce and that it’s important to get plans for commerce marketing solidified early.

The 2017 festive season will cap a year of retailer progress – making better use of their real-world footprints, refining merchandise focus, and embracing the power and potential of omnichannel.

Omnichannel marketing drives both awareness and sales through hyper-personalised experiences, no matter where shoppers find you, and it’s now standard to talk about new ways of marketing to shoppers on their terms and enabling them to buy whatever, wherever, and in whichever way they choose. The promise of shopper marketing – using data to talk to shoppers, not channels or devices – is finally being achieved.

Criteo’s new e-guide, ‘2017 – An Enlightened Festive Season’, is designed to help brands and retailers make the season especially bright. To help with early festive planning periods, we wrapped up the top 12 emerging trends and the top 12 tips we know will increase sales.

The insights are…