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From groceries and household supplies to electronics and clothing, Amazon has steadily been expanding its product categories in an effort to appeal to as many customers as it can. But some brands don’t want the e-commerce giant horning in on their business, so they’re fighting back.

The Wall Street Journal notes that several companies are instead turning to local retailers to get their products out: Some are enforcing minimum advertised prices to battle undercutting from online sellers, while others may give local stores priority on new products.

Here are a few examples of how some brands are pushing back against the spread of Amazon:

1. Luxottica

The eyewear company — which has several brands under its umbrella, as well as LensCrafters — launched a new program requiring minimum advertised prices for its Ray-Ban and Oakley sunglasses. It doesn’t set the actual sales price, however.

As a result, the average discount on Ray-Ban sunglasses on Amazon has decreed to about…