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Through a special arrangement, what follows is an excerpt of an article from WayfinD, a quarterly e-magazine filled with insights, trends and predictions from the retail and foodservice experts at WD Partners.

“Alexa, order a 12-pack of toilet paper, a case of bottled water and a bag of tortilla chips.”

Welcome to the new moment of truth.

If you’re the brand manager of a CPG product, this existential threat should shake you to your brand-loving, MBA-trained core. The in-store marketing model that has ruled the consumer products industry for more than a century is being replaced by a talking cylinder.

Artificial intelligence and the generation of smartphone shopping assistants, from Siri to chatbots, are upending the traditional path to purchase, but they are all brand agnostic. Those ephemeral intangibles long considered the essence of a brand don’t matter. Price and delivery time are more likely…