How KicksUSA, UBIQ Deliver Seamless UX During High-Traffic Sales

It’s always important for retailers to offer optimal web site performance, but it’s absolutely critical when the merchandise being offered is a limited release or a collector’s item. That’s when a site is likely to attract much higher traffic than usual, concentrated in a short period of time. The last thing any merchant wants is to experience the wrath of a frustrated customer during these high-profile events. Remember when Target’s web site crashed when the company launched its Lilly Pulitzer designer collaboration in 2015?

For Jako Enterprises, the holding company for online retailers KicksUSA, an urban fashion retailer, and UBIQ, a footwear and accessories store — both of which sell limited release and collectors’ apparel — having a solution that managed large spikes in web site visits was a necessity.

Jako turned to Queue-it, which offers a virtual waiting room solution, to help manage the rush of customers during popular sneaker releases from Nike, Jordan, Adidas and other exclusive footwear brands. On the day of a limited edition sneaker release, the company’s online stores tend to attract approximately 100,000 sneaker enthusiasts.

“Since we are in the footwear business, which often has a high demand for new sneaker releases, our web site was constantly overloaded with tens of thousands of people,” said Virgil Ghic, Director of Digital at Jako Enterprises in an interview with Retail TouchPoints. “Of course, we had servers and intelligent systems in place, but in order to support those peak moments, you need a completely different infrastructure — one that would cost upwards of $2,000-$3,000 for just a couple of hours’ worth of service. Since we have such low stock during these sales, it’s really not worth the investment, so we…