The name Princess Diana is one many hold dear. During her life she was celebrated for her charity work and her caring and compassionate demeanour. She was someone who stood up for those less fortunate and tried to help people in need.

These qualities, which earned her the name Queen of Hearts, live on through the work of The Diana Award, a charity set up in the Princess’s name to help foster, develop and inspire young people to make a difference.

This month marks the 20th anniversary of Princess Diana’s death. However, being so closely associated with someone who died before the majority of its target audience were born presented somewhat of a challenge for the charity. It has therefore undergone a rebrand to make it relevant for today’s young people, while keeping Diana’s legacy alive.

“We needed to be able to communicate who we are to young people today,” says the charity’s CEO Tessy Ojo.

“When you look at someone’s qualities and values – they never die. So we wanted to move the brand from being just a memorial for Diana to something that was alive. Yes it is a memorial but if young people are to relate to it, it has to be living and relevant.”

In addition to The Diana Award itself, which acknowledges young role models who are helping transform the lives of others – those that go above and beyond to create positive change – the charity also runs programmes to help tackle bullying and support people through mentoring and volunteering.

Fixing the disconnect

The charity works with more than 60,000 young people across the UK each year, but Ojo…