How to Make Money Blogging

Blogger monthly income reports are inspiring.

When you learn some blogs can generate $100,000+ monthly, you start wondering how exactly people make money blogging.

If you already have a blog or want to give your inner blogger a chance, you should know how you can monetize your great content. This post lists tactics that you can try in order to get rewarded for your blogging efforts.

How to make money blogging

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1. Sell your products (rather than ads)

Jon Morrow ran an experiment in CopyBlogger once:

They tried to replace their blog-related products in the right sidebar with ads, and the research showed that they’d earn 70% less from advertising. For a small beginner blog, it’d be even worse.

Not only can ads be less profitable, many people simply don’t like them. Compare these web pages.

Ads in the article
Ads distract from the blog topic because they are not relevant and are placed right in the text
Sell on the blog
This blog is about wines and sells wines right in the articles

With Ecwid, it’s easy to embed products anywhere on your page, so you can start making money with your blog even faster than you’d do with ads.

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2. Collect donations

Donations are perfect for testing your business model. If you are about to start blogging for business, a “Donate” button will look natural even if you’ve only got little content. You probably shouldn’t expect any magic here — this tactic works for some businesses and is completely useless for others. But you should totally test it.

Some tools you can use, are:

Think of a creative CTA (Call to Action) that might be a game changer. Try different options, for example, many bloggers use “buy me a beer” instead of “donate”.

Your copy for this section should also explain why someone should give you money. This is probably the most important part. You don’t want to look like your goal is to only make money with your blog — show how you’d spend it on developing your project.

Donate page
WP Candy donation page

3. Sell native advertising

If someone pays you for the placement of valuable, relevant content in a format similar to your blog’s, that’s native advertising.

This type of ads is far less annoying and way more effective than regular ads. Sometimes you cannot even tell native advertising from real content.

You’ve probably heard of “The Message” — an 8-week sci-fi podcast that has been downloaded 4 million times and become the #1 podcast in the US. It won the 2016 Webby Award for Best Use of Native Advertising. And yes, it’s branded.

Native advertising can take different forms:

  • Sponsored posts
  • Relevant content recommendations
  • Podcasts
  • Videos
  • Sponsored listings

No matter what type you choose for your blog, you have to clearly mark it as “sponsored” content.

4. Leverage content marketing

Content marketing is exactly what…