InsideView on Friday announced a consulting service to help B2B marketers implement account-based marketing.

Expert Service, the first in the firm’s planned series of InsideView Expert Services, delivers target market analytics and helps customers build a view of their total addressable market, or TAM, using a data visualization console.

InsideView’s TAM service is a blend of consulting, technology and data, noted Joe Andrews, VP for product and solution marketing at InsideView.

“There is strong market demand among B2B sales and marketing leaders who need help in operationalizing their ABM strategies,” he told CRM Buyer.

“ABM is a must-have for B2B, and identifying your TAM is a prerequisite for successful ABM,” he pointed out.

What the Console Offers

The visualization console displays clients’ sales and marketing data, letting them interact with their data in real time, then export and download a targeted list of accounts.

Clients then can compare the generated list against current target lists to fill in the white spaces — gaps in their current sales and marketing database.

They can massage the data and run what-if scenarios. A typical scenario might look at what accounts should be targeted, what contacts or people are affiliated with those accounts, and which accounts in the client’s white space look like ideal customers, Andrews said.

Clients have access to the console for the duration of their contract with InsideView.

The Long, Slow Crawl to ABM

More than 90 percent of marketers believed ABM was a B2B must-have, and more than 60 percent planned to invest in ABM technology over the coming 12 months, according to SiriusDecisions’s 2015 state of account-based marketing study.

Given the…