KFC’s ‘The Whole Chicken’ campaign will not face an investigation by the ad regulator despite hundreds of complains about the ad.

The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) says it received 480 complaints about the ad, which showed confident chickens strutting around to a popular rap song by DMX.

The complainants had a range of issues with the ad, with some arguing that the depiction of chickens was “disrespectful, “offensive” and “distressing”, while others claimed the campaign was “misleading” because it features a healthy, older looking chicken, which they believe misrepresents the age, quality and living conditions of KFC chickens.

Further complaints centred on the phrase “the whole chicken”, which they argued was misleading because they believed that not all parts of the chicken are used in KFC products. And some took issue with the song used.

The ASA Council did not agree, however, and decided the ad…