Auto Replenishment
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Boxed, a retail startup that aims to mimic Costco with big sizes and tiny prices, has begun rolling out its SmartStockup feature that recommends products customers may need to reorder, TechCrunch reports. The feature has already been released to about a quarter of Boxed’s users, and will be available to all shoppers soon.

SmartStockup uses a variety of data to predict which items consumers will need to restock:

  • Shoppers will begin seeing “Need These Now” and “Need These Soon” sections on Boxed as early as their second time shopping on the site. If consumers want to buy one of the recommended products, they can simply click on the item to add it to their cart.
  • SmartStockup’s recommendations will be based on a combination of personal purchasing history, wider patterns of restock times for specific products, and demographic information. The predictions should grow more accurate over time as Boxed collects additional data on individual shopping habits.

This technology could help bring autonomous shopping to the mainstream. By using technology to predict or notice when products need to be reordered, Boxed could usher in a shopping experience that removes the consumer from the process entirely. This kind of service is likely to be well received for its ability to remove trips to the store, especially for necessities. In fact, millennials have already shown an interest in auto-replenishment…