Retailers Fail To Capture Consumer Eyeballs Via YouTube Ads

The retail industry has some catching up to do if it wants to engage its audience via YouTube advertisements. Retailers finished with a 15.7% average view ratedead last among 25 industries and more than 8% behind the next-closest industry — according to the 2017 YouTube Advertising Benchmark Report.

View rates on YouTube advertisements average 27.7% across all industries, meaning retail falls 76% below the average.

Strike Social used its data science tools to measure view rates, cost-per-views (CPV) and click-through rates (CTR), and compare how these factors vary across variables such as gender, age and season. The study concluded that most YouTube advertisers miss the mark, despite the fact that Internet users watch more than one billion hours of video on YouTube every day.

With so many advertisers on YouTube, there…