marketing leaders

A week rarely goes by without hearing that ‘this is the best time to be a marketer’. Justification for such claims usually centres on the depth and breadth of responsibility the modern marketer enjoys.

A marketer now drives the technology, purpose and customer agenda of a business, it is often said. And when they are not leading the charge in these areas, they are working with HR on driving culture change and IT on digital transformation.

It is with this in mind we have decided to launch ‘Anatomy of a Leader’, an exploration of the role of marketing leaders in 2017. In one of our most extensive pieces of research yet we spoke to more than 20 senior marketers in qualitative interviews and polled more than 600.

The component parts have been fitted together and in our feature we unveil the responsibilities, capabilities and skills that make marketing leaders. We also draw conclusions on how the role has changed.

My analysis? The job of marketing is most definitely different from what it was but not necessarily in the way it is often said. The bulk…