SOUTH PITTSBURG, Tenn. — Retail business in South Pittsburg has been on the decline for several years, and with the recent announcement that the town’s largest tax money generator, Royal Remanufacturing, is closing permanently, city leaders are searching for a solution.

At the August meeting of the South Pittsburg City Commission, Mayor Virgil Holder said a team was formed to help recruit businesses.

Last month, its members attended a retail academy in Franklin, Tenn., and met later with retailers and developers in Nashville.

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“This was a very big learning experience for us,” Holder said. “We’ve learned that in order to recruit businesses nowadays other than your mom-and-pop businesses, you’ve got to have major help. So we are pursuing that.”

City Administrator Gene Vess said it is estimated that between 19,000 and 39,000 cars “have the potential” to come through South Pittsburg on a daily basis.

“We want to explore that and go a little bit further,” he said.”Unfortunately, we’re not the professionals. We know how to sell ourself. We know what we have and…