The vast majority of mobile ads in the region are delivered via apps

In the battle between the mobile web and native apps for advertising, the mobile web appears to be losing out in Asia-Pacific. New research from mobile advertising data company Vpon found that 77% of mobile ads served during H1 2017 in the region were delivered via mobile apps, not the mobile web.

Mobile Display Ad Benchmarks in Select Countries in Asia-Pacific: In-App vs. Mobile Web Impression Share, H1 2017 (% of total impressions served on the Vpon network)

In several countries in Southeast Asia, mobile web ads made up an even smaller share of all mobile ad impressions, according to Vpon. In Indonesia, for instance, only 10% of ads were delivered on the mobile web. Thailand had a similarly small mobile web ad share at 15%, as did Malaysia at 18%.

While not a part of Southeast Asia, India also saw a relatively small proportion of ads delivered on the mobile web—just 14%.

Meanwhile, Greater China (a geographical region that includes Mainland China, Hong Kong and Taiwan) had a larger percentage of mobile web ads than other markets within Asia-Pacific. More than one-third of mobile ads in China were delivered via the web, and the figure reached 42%…