The Government has set out plans it hopes will reassure businesses that the flow of information across borders will not be disrupted after Brexit.

In the latest paper on the UK’s relationship with the EU after it leaves, the government says it wants to ensure individuals have control over and transparency on how their personal data is used and that it is protected from misuse with robust safeguards. It points out that, upon the UK leaving the EU, the country’s data protection rules will be aligned with the EU’s General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR).

“We want the flow of data to be unhindered in the future as leave the EU,” said Minister for Digital Matt Hancock, according to Reuters.

“A strong future data relationship between the UK and EU, based on aligned data protection rules, is in our mutual interest.”

The data economy was estimated to be worth around €272bn to the EU in 2015, or around 2% of GDP, with that expected to rise to €643bn by 2020 or 3% of GDP. In the UK it is thought to be worth around £118.4bn, meaning any disruptions…