Many brands today focus too much on the technical aspects of engagement, thinking that all they need to do is roll out a custom app or some other new technology and all their problems will be solved. You must keep in mind that at the other end of whatever technology you implement, there is a human that has feelings, wants, and needs for which you must account. The truth is, the best technology will fall flat and won’t have its intended impact unless you first take steps to establish and build relationships with customers.

customer engagement

Today, the brands that are most successful at building relationships also have the strongest identities. Those that lack identities are the ones that are struggling. What underlying theme, cause, niche, or even “vibe” applies to your organization? Are you health-focused? Catering to the eco-conscious? All about athletes? What’s your identity? You must have one or create one.

Only when you have that identity, can you work on engagement, play on the like-mindedness of customers, and leverage your identity to create promotions around your identity. Associating yourself with charities and causes that align with your brand is a great way to engage with customers. For example, if athletics is your thing, create a promotion in which sales lead to you making a donation to help a local school raise money for new…