amazon advertising

Amazon has advised marketers to rethink how they might advertise to consumers on its site to consider how they can add value to the customer journey rather than just use it to boost sales.

Speaking at the Dmexco ad tech conference in Germany this week, Amazon’s director of international ad sales Dan Wright says: “Traditionally, people think if they sell products on Amazon they want to sell more products or start advertising to create value in that way. But the [real opportunity] is how do you solve a problem for the customer all the way through their journey in a way that is helpful to them.

“If you do that through different engagement points, be it marketing on a box that’s shipped to a house or banners on a website, if that value is created through the process of helping the customer on their journey across all these different touchpoints, then you as a brand get value.”

Wright said it is for that reason that Amazon “doesn’t think about advertising as branding and performance in the traditional way”.

“If you’re doing the right thing for the customer, that will come through,” he added.

Estimates as to the size of Amazon’s ad business vary but WPP boss Sir Martin Sorrell reckons it is around $2.5bn annually, making it a growing player but still well behind Facebook and Google. However, it…