Coca-Cola believes ecommerce is playing an increasingly important role for the business, but warns that its image of only being the remit of digital “pure players” is wrong and should be challenged.

Speaking at the Barclays Global Consumer Staples Conference yesterday (5 September), the company’s executive vice president of Coca-Cola North America, Sandy Douglas, spoke about the “digitisation” of the business, and how technology is changing the way it serves consumers.

Ecommerce, she claims, gives it the opportunity to reach people using their mobile devices in their homes – and believes there is room for further growth due to the popularity of its products among online retailers. That said, she believes ecommerce still has an image problem that needs tackling.

“We’re finding that our items are among the fastest selling of e-retailers. But remember also that … when we think of e-commerce, we tend to think of the pure play guys. But as we’ve just recently…