Gen Z

The next generation has arrived. With Gen Z we’re beginning to see a fascinating new cohort of teens and young adults who are part traditionalist, part exceedingly modern tech-natives. The eldest Z-ers are now 22 and entering the workplace, and the youngest already influence billions of pounds of annual spend in the UK through their parents.

The burning question for many brands is ‘how can we create brands and messages that resonate with them?’. Marketing agency Jaywing is publishing a new report this month based on 2017 research that looks into the attitudes and behaviours of Gen Z in the digital space.

Private creatures

Gen Z update their private social channels (Snapchat, messaging status) more frequently than they do their more public ‘broadcast’ channels, such as Twitter and Facebook. They are switched on to adjusting their privacy settings on each of the apps they use. Three in four only allow location sharing for apps that require it for functioning and only 18% would be happy to share their location information with even their favourite brands.

This doesn’t mean they do not want to share and co-create with brands, it simply shows that this generation are savvy about protecting their personal data.

Multichannel masters

Gen Z wield the power of technology in a way no one has before. They were born and raised on touchscreens and YouTube. They have never known a world unconnected by the internet. Gen Z aren’t going to be told what to do – their attention is in prime demand from all directions and they know it.

They are creating the perfect balance of offline and online interactions to best meet their own consumer needs. While it would be easy to assume Z-ers do everything online, in reality they utilise a far more balanced measure of online and offline channels.

More than half of those surveyed would prefer to manage private or sensitive information (such as banking)…