How One Jewelry Business Grew 8X with Ecwid Payments
Posted Sep 28, 2017 by Rachel Ochinero, Ecwid Team

Pearl Parties. A great way to sell jewelry, specifically pearls, online. You may have heard of them because they are a recent trend and a fun, new way to buy jewelry.

Here’s how they work: first you look through an online store and buy a selection of oysters during a fun online party, usually via Facebook Live (hint: don’t forget your cup of coffee or glass of wine). After you pay for your oysters, you are in line for the party host to open the oysters right before your eyes.

The most exciting part is seeing the beautiful pearls that lay inside! Once the party is over and you have won a few more additional prizes, the host sends everything to the shipping address you have provided. Fun, right?

Stephanie Corn, owner and founder of, is a trend setter who brought this business to life.

Stephanie Corn
Stephanie Corn, owner and founder of

From the Beginning

When Stephanie was starting out, she did a lot of research to figure out what would work best for her business, not only for the type of jewelry and products she would sell, but the operations of her business, her website, and online store. Since makes all of its money online, having an easy-to-use backend and online store was very important to Stephanie.

When she found Ecwid, she was thrilled.

“I’m really not a tech-savvy person, so when I found Ecwid, I immediately knew that managing my online business would be fluid and flawless.” said Stephanie.