By Chloe Rigby

Online supermarket Ocado says it is the first UK supermarket to launch an app for the voice-controlled Amazon Alexa.

The development means shoppers can now use Alexa to add new items to their Ocado shopping list as soon as they realise they need them.

In addition, the Ocado app, available to download from Amazon [IRDX RAMZ] from this week, will also enable shoppers to find out which products are currently in season and receive inspiration for the best ways to include them in recipes, check an existing order to basket to see if a certain product has already been added, keep track of order delivery and confirm how late an existing order can be amended. The new app will also be able to suggest both appropriate and previously bought items, making personalised shopping recommendations.

Lawrence Hene, marketing and commercial director at Ocado [IRDX ROCA], said: “Grocery shopping should be quick, easy and convenient. Using voice…