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P&G rethinks advertising to make it more accessible

P&G inclusivity

Procter and Gamble (P&G) has overhauled its advertising to be more inclusive, with “most of its ads” now suitable for blind people.

The consumer goods company says it is on an “ongoing journey” to place diversity and inclusivity at the heart of the business, but only began to implement changes to its advertising to reflect this over the last year.

Those changes include adding audio descriptions to ads, which sees an audio narrative placed on top of the content to describe what is being shown.

The move comes after Sam Latif, a special consultant of inclusive design, began working on inclusivity with P&G two years with the aim of ensuring the maximum number of people can consume P&G’s ads.

Latif is registered blind, and has been with P&G for 17 years. She is also P&G’s global leader of its people with disabilities affinity group. She is speaking on a panel today (28 September) organised by Access:VFX about making advertising more accessible.

“Captioning is something P&G introduced 10 year ago, but only last year we decided to…