Add Dyson, best known for its high-concept vacuums, air purifiers and hairdryers, to the list of retailers racing to use hands-on customer experiences to rev up their marketing game.

Last year, Dyson opened a store on Oxford Street in London, configured to let shoppers vacuum up 60 different kinds of debris, or experience a blow-out with its $400 hair dryers. Earlier this summer, it announced a “Dyson Demo Experiences” store-within-a-store deal with Best Buy, in some 90 stores. And lately it’s been tweeting images of soon-to-open stores of its own in New York, San Francisco and Toronto.

“This is brilliant, and it’s the future of retail,” says Judge Graham, CMO of Ansira, a data-driven marketing agency based in St. Louis. “Retail is radically changing, with smaller footprints, fewer locations, and it’s all about the experience.” He says Dyson, along with brands like Nike and Samsung, are all looking for ways to elevate that experience, giving consumers new reasons to head to stores instead of simply shopping online.

“It’s a no-lose for Dyson,” he tells Marketing Daily, “even…