All HTTP Sites Will Be Marked Non-Secure on October 27

On October 27, a new version of the Chrome browser will be introduced. Google warns that they’ll further develop the “not secure” warning for HTTP pages. You’ve probably seen this warning already.

Since January 2017, Google has been working on making Chrome safer for its users. The warning tag already applies to all HTTP pages that contain password or credit card fields. Now more pages will be affected.

In the new version, you’ll also see the “not Secure” warning on HTTP pages when:

  • You interact with any input field.
  • The page contains a password field.
  • You are browsing in Chrome’s incognito mode.

If any of these conditions is met, the page will get the warning badge.

For online store owners, it reads like that: If your website or some of its pages run on HTTP, your customers will see the warning. This might make them feel doubtful about making a purchase. Remember that Chrome remains the most popular browser, so a lot of your customers can see the badge.

Will my website get the “not secure” Chrome badge?

Open Google Chrome and enter your website URL address. If you see the “secure” badge, you’re fine. That means your website runs on HTTPS, and all data that your website sends to the server and back is encrypted, i.e secure. You’re fine.