Better Late Than Never: Costco Launches Online Grocery Options

The growth of online delivery and price wars have been the two biggest grocery buzzwords this year, especially in the wake of the AmazonWhole Foods and AlbertsonsPlated acquisitions. Now one of the sector’s largest retailers is stepping in with competition of its own.

Costco, previously not known for e-Commerce sales, launched its online grocery shopping and delivery service CostcoGrocery earlier this month. The service offers approximately 500 non-perishable dry grocery items that will be delivered free to Costco shoppers with orders of $75 or more.

The retailer also plans to expand its partnership with Instacart, currently available at 376 U.S. locations. This service provides same-day delivery of approximately 1,700 fresh foods, dry and non-perishable items via a “white label” arrangement.Prices on the goods purchased for same-day delivery are anticipated to be approximately 15% to 17% higher than in stores, according to a report from the Los Angeles Times.

Costco also will provide two-day delivery with an expanded selection of dry and non-perishable goods….