Dan Stanek

Through a special arrangement, what follows is an excerpt of an article from WayfinD, a quarterly e-magazine filled with insights, trends and predictions from the retail and foodservice experts at WD Partners.

For minor health conditions and “everyday” healthcare, retailers are turning the tables. In-store clinics are rewriting the rules on how to deliver consumer-centered healthcare that is:

  • Cheaper to build and operate;
  • More accessible and convenient.

Yet, by fully integrating these services into their holistic physical and digital shopping experiences, retailers have an opportunity to become an even greater force.

For retailers, becoming a “primary care” option of choice creates an entirely different dynamic in the consumer/shopper relationship with the store and the retailer’s brand, creating completely new visit patterns, trip drivers and need states. Taking advantage of a huge and growing health opportunity, the relationship with retailers and brands has the potential to:

  • Create destination or “statement” offerings in health-related categories;
  • Activate categories adjacent to health services, especially conditions…