Diane Von Furstenberg, Wolf & Badger And ColourPop Test Mobile Product Discovery

Diane von Furstenberg, Wolf & Badger and ColourPop are among 20 businesses testing the Qubit Aura beta platform, a product discovery solution designed for mobile commerce. Wolf & Badger already has increased mobile conversion rates 3.6% since implementing the platform.

The need for mobile-first product discovery comes at a time when this channel gets plenty of eyeballs but doesn’t generate corresponding rates of revenue. Qubit analyzed data across 35 fashion and cosmetics brands since January 2017 and noted that mobile still has a way to go to catch up to its desktop counterpart:

  • Traffic to each channel is approximately the same: 45.87% on desktop vs 44.7% on mobile;

  • Conversion rates on desktop are more than 2X that of mobile: 3.35% on desktop vs. 1.61% on mobile;

  • Revenue per visitor (RPV) is also more than 2X on desktop: $8.01 on desktop vs. $3.49…