Amazon’s CEO bought the Washington Post in 2013.

Since moving into the White House, President Donald Trump has adopted a special nickname for his new local newspaper: the “Amazon Washington Post, a barb accusing the paper’s owner, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, of using it to advance his company’s interests.

Bezos, who personally bought the Post for $250 million—with his own money, not Amazon’s—in 2013, however, has played a surprisingly backseat role for a newspaper owner. While Bezos and the newspaper’s editors have previously denied that the Amazon CEO controls the Post’s news coverage or feeds it article ideas, he doesn’t even give the journalists feedback on their work—even when it has been critical of Amazon (AMZN, +13.39%) .

“As for the coverage, he doesn’t get involved in it at all—not what stories to do or what not to do; he doesn’t comment on any stories, including about Amazon, he just doesn’t,” Marty Baron, executive editor of the Washington Post, said Thursday at an annual dinner for Columbia University’s Knight-Bagehot journalism fellowship.

“We’ve had negative stories,” added Baron, referencing the paper’s coverage of the controversial “Amazon Key,” a plan…