Jo Malone Jo Loves

Jo Malone has founded and built up two successful fragrance brands. The first, the eponymous Jo Malone, she launched back in 1991 before selling to Estée Lauder in 1999. She left that business in 2006 having taken a year out after being diagnosed with breast cancer and having chemotherapy, but returned to find a business where she could “no longer feel her character”.

The deal with Estée Lauder stipulated that she must take a five-year break from the beauty industry, during which time she couldn’t even buy something from a beauty counter in case it appeared to be an endorsement.

But this hiatus gave Malone time to develop and hone her second business, Jo Loves. With it, she has taken a different approach to selling fragrances, with the shop looking more like high-end cocktail bar where shop assistants present products in martini glasses.

Malone has managed to build two hugely successful businesses despite having no marketing experience. Headlining the first day of the Festival of Marketing, she admits that when she was starting out she “didn’t have strategy, marketing and advertising, we were shopkeepers”. But having spent her childhood in markets helping her dad sell, she says she understood that “the story and how you sell it is as important as the product itself”.

Yet Malone believes there are five key things marketers must remember if they want to build a successful brand. She highlights the ‘5Is’ – inspiration, innovation,…