Meet the Ecwid Plugin for Kirby Websites

There’s only one step between being online and selling online — just add an Ecwid store to your existing website as a piece of HTML code, a widget, or a plugin.

The family of Ecwid plugins recently welcomed its newest member for Kirby websites. There’s now one more way to sell online with Ecwid.

Kirby is a content management system that is particularly popular among web studios, bloggers, and people with portfolio websites. Now all those websites can get an online store installed in minutes.

What is Kirby?

Kirby is a file-based CMS, which means it doesn’t require a database. All the content is stored in files and folders which are uploaded directly to the server. That is why file-based websites are very fast.

Kirby admin
Building a website on Kirby

Additional functionalities are installed as plugins. There is a number of beautiful themes for Kirby, priced between free and $45.


Click on the image to view more theme examples

Kirby is the perfect solution for small businesses that want a simple and permanent website structure (web studios, blogs, or local restaurants).

The bottom line is that a Kirby website will be great for you if:

  • Your website has a simple structure that you don’t need to change all the time
  • You need a handful of pages…