The Enhanced Ecwid Mobile App- Take Your Online Store With You
Posted Oct 13, 2017 by Dmitry Zhukov, Ecwid Team

Add a new product right after taking a product picture. Discover a new order and call the customer immediately to clarify the details. Run a promotion from the beach. All that can be real, when your store’s backend is in your smartphone.

We develop our apps non-stop and want you to stay tuned. The Ecwid Mobile Control Panel now has new essential features: a digital products view and editor, a coupon editor for discounts and free shipping, a product options editor, and more.

Try running your business whenever and wherever you like with the new 14-day free trial of the Ecwid Mobile App for iOS and Android devices.

Connect the app to your Ecwid store automatically in Control Panel → Promotions → Mobile. Even if you don’t have an Ecwid account yet, you can create one right from the app.

You don’t have to enter your login/password each time you want to use the app. It stays connected to your store and automatically logs you in.

Connect Ecwid Mobile to online store
Connect the app on Control Panel → Promotions → Mobile

Try New Features

We have added new features to the application that are already available in the Ecwid Control Panel, as well as special functions for smartphones: a barcode scanner and additional protection with a passcode.

Create and edit coupons

Attract customers with discount and free shipping coupons — creating a coupon only requires a couple of taps in the app.

Coupon editor
Coupon editor

Define terms for your discounts:

  • Offer discounts in percent or absolute values.
  • Set up discounts for separate products, categories, or customers.
  • Set the minimum order subtotal for the discount to apply.
  • Limit the number of times your coupon can be applied.
  • Limit your promotion in time.

Offer in-demand free shipping on beneficial conditions:

  • Set minimum order subtotal for free shipping.
  • Limit your coupon to a single use for each customer.
  • Offer free shipping to everyone, your repeat customers, or specific people.

The mix of free shipping and a discount is a hit for holiday sales. You can create such coupons too, but be careful with your profits.

Running promotions from your mobile device has a unique benefit: you can launch and stop your coupons at any moment. Sharing your coupon with customers on social media or via email is also a breeze with the “Share” button in the right upper corner.

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Track order statuses

How many orders have not been paid? How many shipments have not yet been sent? You will have actual data at any time.

Mobile dashboard
Mobile dashboard

You can view the order statuses and details, and keep the store under control.

Use the barcode scanner to find orders and products

You can navigate your smartphone camera to the barcode to find your product in the catalog and update the quantity in stock. This will help you track your inventory if you sell both in-store and online.

Barcode scanner
Barcode scanner

The barcode scanner can also help you track your shipments. Scan the tracking number to find an order and change its status to “Shipped”.

Edit customer profiles

Now it’s possible to:

  • Edit customer names and emails
  • View their order…