By Chloe Rigby

In a recent InternetRetailing webinar, The future of marketing in a post GDPR world, we heard from Sarah Taylor, chief marketing officer at SmartFocus on the challenges and opportunities of ensuring compliance with upcoming GDPR regulations. Here’s a bulletpoint overview of the event.

Sarah Taylor opened the webinar with a definition of GDPR (the general protection data regulation) looked at from a digital marketing perspective.

• What is GDPR? In effect from May 25 2018, brings significant fines for those who flout it.

* New rules on storing data: safely and for as long as needed; must minimize how much is held; must be accurate and accessible.

• Seven rights: including of the individual to access it; rectification; to be forgotten; to restrict processing, with detail on what they all mean.

• Access: what it means and how proper regulation will put you in a better place to deliver better marketing campaigns.

• Consent: major changes include consent has to be provable through clear affirmation. “A passive acceptance of a pre-ticked box is no longer acceptable, neither is an assumed opt in…