The attention spans of digital customers continue to shorten, giving retailers a very small window to connect with the mobile-first shopper.

With 68% of all sales taking place on mobile devices, retailers are in the hot-seat to create and execute mobile-focused marketing strategies, according to the “Global Commerce Review for Q3 of 2017,” a report from Criteo.

Mobile growth is gaining momentum, and retailers need to be ready. In the United States alone, mobile Web usage has reached maturity while smartphone usage continues to grow.

The share of transactions completed on a smartphone (not including apps) increased by 9% over the third quarter of 2016. Meanwhile, tablet usage decreased slightly during the same time period, as smartphone screens continue to grow in size.

Mobile is also influencing desktop sales, as 30% of U.S. desktop transactions are preceded by a click on a mobile device.

When looking at the specific retail verticals that had the largest gains in mobile transaction growth compared to third quarter 2016, sporting goods reported a 45% growth rate, followed by health/beauty with 38%.

That said, the area where retailers can best compete with industry giants is through a seamless in-app experience — a move that is designed to remove barriers to making a purchase. For example, in the U.S. alone, advertisers see 68% of all sales taking place on mobile devices. However,…