64% Of E-Commerce Leaders ‘Tune’ Sites To Maximize Holiday Conversions

In e-Commerce, seconds — even fractions of seconds — can mean the difference between a completed sale and a lost one. So it’s hardly a surprise that nearly two thirds (64%) of leading online retailers “tune up” their web sites for the all-important holiday season.

Simply put, speed is critical: 71% of e-Commerce executives said shoppers don’t convert due to slow page load times, and virtually all (97%) believe web site performance directly impacts their online revenue.

The data comes from the 2017 eCommerce Leaders Survey: Site Performance & Innovation Trends. Yottaa conducted interviews with 125 leaders from a wide range of e-Commerce sites, from niche retailers all the way up to Tier 1 brands. Data was collected online and via telephone during a two-week period in October 2017.

The need for better innovation was the top holiday concern:

  • 90% of respondents say they need to innovate better if they want to compete against other brands;
  • 64%