Kill Bad Meetings

Kevan Hall, Alan Hall

Meetings are essential for expressing ideas and decision making, yet they are often an irrelevant waste of time. Kill Bad Meetings offers advice on how to cut out unnecessary meetings and focus on improving the ones that remain. The book addresses ways of dealing with business challenges by changing the way people meet, cutting out irrelevant topics and participants that account for 50% of today’s meetings. Instead it suggests ways to run faster, more focused face-to-face and virtual meetings with more relevant content, clearer decisions and higher levels of participation.

That Will Never Sell

David Gluckman

That Will Never Sell is part autobiography and part business book examining the development and branding of acclaimed drink brands while celebrating the secret history of drinks from as far back as the 1960s. Gluckman spent 40 years coming up with ideas for new drinks and brands, spending the majority of his career at IDV, which later became Diageo. He shares stories about the invention of Baileys, the failures he cherished and the successes that propelled him into a career in brand development.

Sociometrics and Human Relationships

Peter Gloor

It would be easier to…