holiday packages

Getty/Joe Raedle

  • There are more options than ever to shop at the last minute before Christmas.
  • One- and two-day shipping, same-day shipping, and in-store order pickup are all easy ways to get last-minute gifts.
  • Digital gifts are a new arena for last-minute shoppers as well.

Last-minute shoppers, fear not.

You still have options if you need to get a gift in time for Christmas — and you don’t even have to resort to a gift card.

First off, there are still plenty of shipping options. Even though Christmas is on a Monday, one-day and same-day shipping are still available through Amazon in many markets. That’s much of Amazon’s massive catalog, available to be shipped quickly to your door in time for December 25.

December 23 is the last day for one-day shipping, and December 24 is the last day for same-day. Keep in mind that orders must be…