Many industry conferences offer a few operation sessions to attract a broader audience. However, the Ecommerce Operations Summit (April 3-5, 2018 in Columbus, OH) is the only conference focused exclusively on optimizing direct-to-customer and omnichannel operations and fulfillment.

Without a doubt, the content will be on target and help you grow and manage your business. However, we want to point out the tremendous benefits we and our clients have gained from attending the show in the past. Leading merchant companies often send a team of people to scour every aspect of the conference, take notes and report back to their management what was presented and how it could benefit their business. We’ve taken the same approach.

This is a unique conference that can add value to any ecommerce and omnichannel company.

Here are 6 specific benefits that go way beyond the content of presentations:

Orient Key Employees and New Managers

For years there has been a shortage of experienced managers and key personnel to manage our businesses. We and our clients have used Ecommerce Operations Summit 2018 as a way to bring new key personnel up to speed on ecommerce and omnichannel operations, including processes, systems and technology. There is no better way than this conference; no symposiums or schools can cover all that in three days.

Tours of Facilities

The ability to tour nearby fulfillment center operations of leading companies is a strong feature of Ecommerce Operations Summit. In the past we’ve found tour host companies to be very open in terms of sharing their processes, systems, operational standards and metrics. While your business may not be as large, our mid-market…