NEW YORK – These days, lots of customers don’t want to just buy sell TVs and sofas. They also want someone to come over to hang up the flat screen or put the furniture together.

Handy CEO Oisin Hanrahan says that’s been an opportunity for the company to expand its partnerships with retailers.

Launched nearly six years ago as an online platform where people could hire professionals to clean homes or put up a ceiling fan, the company has moved into partnerships with stores and shopping sites to offer its services to customers. On Wayfair, for example, people buying furniture can also hire someone to assemble it for them as they check out. At Walmart, a test at its Atlanta stores lets shoppers hire Handy professionals at the register when they buy a TV or furniture.

More retailers are offering similar services: Amazon shoppers can hire workers; and Ikea recently said it would buy TaskRabbit to offer assembly help when shoppers buy furniture.

Hanrahan talked recently with The Associated Press about the competition and why retailers want to offer these services. The questions and answers below have been edited for clarity.

Q: Why can’t people hang their own TVs or assemble their own bookcases?