Coca-Cola has joined a growing roster of brands looking to tackle the world’s plastic waste problem, promising that the equivalent of 100% of its packaging will be collected and recycled by 2030.

The goal is the main focus of the company’s new sustainability strategy ‘World Without Waste’, which it will back with a multi-year investment to make packaging 100% recyclable. Coke CEO James Quincey says the move recognises the role food and beverage companies play in reducing plastic waste globally.

“The world has a packaging problem – and, like all companies, we have a responsibility to help solve it,” explains Quincey. “Through our World Without Waste vision, we are investing in our planet and our packaging to help make this problem a thing of the past.”

Coca-Cola has already begun to work on its main goal of recycling 100% of its bottles. Last year, it launched its first marketing campaign in the UK focused on encouraging consumers to recycle their plastic bottles. And it says it now plans to put its “marketing dollars and skills” behind helping people understand what, how and where to recycle, working with local communities, industry partners and consumers.