Gucci Garden Palazzo della Mercanzia
Gucci’s neon stamp on the facade of the Palazzo della Mercanzia in Florence, Italy.

Gucci’s latest retail endeavor is one for the history books — quite literally, as it’s situated within a 14th-century palazzo in Florence, Italy. Dubbed “Gucci Garden,” the multi-level galleria costs 8 euros to enter, with half of each ticket sale being donated to support restoration projects in Florence, where the brand was founded in 1921 and continues to operate from. But hold up — what kind of retail experience costs money before you’re even in the door?

The “Guccification” room at the Gucci Garden Galleria.

To be fair, the ground floor is free to enter; it’s the first and second floors you’ll have to pay for. The main floor features a “bazaar-like” retail space spread over two rooms, selling products exclusive to the location, replete with special clothing…