Diet Coke
Diet Coke’s new svelte can. Hollis Johnson
  • As part of a trial of eating like President Donald Trump, I drank as much Diet Coke as I could for a week.
  • I never grew to like the drink, and by the end, I really grew to dislike it.
  • Diet Coke is in a unique predicament.

Diet Coke has a lot of fans. I do not count myself among them.

In a weeklong trial of President Trump’s famous fast food-heavy diet, I drank as much Diet Coke as I could. Turns out, that wasn’t very much. Though Trump reportedly drinks as many as 12 cans a day, I couldn’t do more than about three in a day.

Admittedly, I’m not a big diet soda drinker. I usually try to avoid all artificial sweeteners, but I had no choice here. I thought: by the end of the week, I’m going to either really love this drink or really…